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Weekly gentle yoga classes in Nimbin, Lismore and Larnook.

It is our heartfelt desire to make yoga classes easy, accessible and enjoyable for everyone, while passing on the profound teachings and benefits yoga brings to all of us.

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Hatha Yoga with Michael

Michael teaches a mindful Hatha yoga class, combining breathing exercises, standing and reclining poses and relaxation techniques.

Michael uses his yoga therapy knowledge to make his classes safe for everyone by offering variations and options for each pose.

Sam Voolstra is a yoga teacher and IRest teacher in Lismore and NimbinGentle trauma sensitive yoga with Sam

Sam invited you in her gentle trauma sensitive yoga sessions to make choices around what forms and movements suit your body and mind from moment to moment.

Breathing practices and short guided meditations give you a deeper insight in the workings of the mind and provide you with tools to remember and return to your ease of being regardless of what is happening in your life.


What our students say

Karen Cleveland, Hunter Valley

I make sure to schedule my week around Sam's class. There is such a sense of peace and deep relaxation I have never found anywhere else. I wouldn't miss it!

Sharyn Fergeus, Larnook

I always feel more energetic and positive after a class with Sam and recommend the classes to others who need to get more in touch with themselves and the world around them

Nathalie Finkenzeller, Larnook

I used to skip yoga because I felt too tired and exhausted from my daily life already.

Coming to Sam's class left me in absolute delight: few and slow yoga poses, lots of resting, feeling into my body and finding out what it wants to do.

Having the allowance to just do as much or as little as I can, and surprisingly being totally calm, energized and happy after each class is the best experience of yoga I have had so far!

Emma Grealy, Billen Cliffs Village

Sam is down to earth & gracious, she allows each person the space they need to obtain the maximum benefit from the classes, which are great. Sam is always cheery which is always infectious! I always walk away feeling better than when i arrived.