trauma sensitive yoga private sessions

Private trauma sensitive yoga sessions give you the opportunity to explore together how yoga can support you on your healing journey.

You are invited to choose what forms and movements you like to try and to set the pace and duration of your yoga session.

Practicing yoga forms might empower you, in a safe way, to notice what you feel in your body. Yoga might then support you to practice making choices based on what you feel.




Trauma sensitive yoga private sessions

Private sessions in Lismore are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Keen Street.

Private sessions in Larnook (30 minutes drive from Lismore, Nimbin and Kyogle) are available on Mondays.

The cost of a private session is $ 95 per hour.

NDIS funding can be used for the sessions.

A yoga mat will be provided.

Please email me to book a session or ask questions

Possible benefits of practicing trauma sensitive yoga

Research at the Trauma Center and other medical centers shows that trauma sensitive yoga can reduce the symptoms of PTSD and Complex Trauma.

Some of the benefits mentioned by participants of Trauma Sensitive Yoga are:

  • Connecting with feelings and emotions in my body in a safe way.
  • Increasing my tolerance to stay with challenging feelings and emotions
  • Being in my body in the here and now, not in the past.
  • Building a more safe and positive relationship with myself and my body
  • Learning to make choices based on what I am feeling in my body.
  • Feeling empowered to find things out from my own experience and act on it myself.

Trauma sensitive yoga is complementary to any type of medication, counseling or therapy you might be receiving.

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