Personal iRest meditation sessions

An iRest dyad is a co-meditative experience.

Personal one-on-one sessions offer you the opportunity to meet what is arising in the present moment from a place of complete openness.

You’re asked to describe your present experience and I mirror your process, and support you in the meditation. The process unfolds in you at your pace.

Being seen and heard without any agenda to fix or change creates the potential for deep insight and healing to be enhanced. This is a powerful co-meditation practice.

iRest meditation private sessions

Private sessions in Lismore are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Keen Street.

Private sessions in Larnook (30 minutes drive from Lismore, Nimbin and Kyogle) are available on Mondays.

The cost of a private session is $ 95 per hour (concession rates available)

All props to make you comfortable will be provided.

Please email me for more information or to book a session

Practicing irest yoga nidra in Northern rivers, NSW