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We hope to support people of all walks of life to find balance and wellbeing through yoga and meditation.

Finding yoga is like going on a journey. You start with the familiar, the body. Then you get interested in new areas, of energy and the mind. You find obstacles on the way that need your attention, and healing will happen. And in the end all the unknown is known and you flow with life as it is.

We hope to support you on your yoga journey.

Michael and Sam

Sam Voolstra

Sam Voolstra is a yoga teacher and IRest teacher in Lismore and Nimbin

Michael O’Connor

Michael O'Connor teaches yoga classes in Nimbin and Larnook in the Rainbow Region of The Northern Rivers NSW, Australia. Read more about <a href="https://www.ilovemyselfyoga.com.au/about-3/">Michael O'Connor</a>

Sam is a certified Yoga Australia yoga teacher, and a certified iRest meditation teacher.

Yoga has helped me through some of the difficult parts of my life, and highlights the beauty of every day.

My yoga and meditation journey started in Nepal. I lived there for 12 years and during that period I was so fortunate to study with several yoga and Buddhist masters.

I did my formal yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in India and started teaching in Kathmandu. 

In 2011 I founded Pranamaya Yoga in Kathmandu and it grew into a beautiful community of Nepalese and international teachers and students with yoga classes and workshops in city studios and yoga retreats in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and Himalayan eco village resorts.

In Nepal I experienced a big earthquake and got involved with the relief efforts. After coming to Australia to be with my partner Michael, I was diagnosed with PTSD.

To heal myself I extended my yoga practice with iRest meditation and Somatic Experiencing based therapy. Not only did my PTSD symptoms disappear over time, I also felt more whole and present than ever before. The desire to share what healed me with others fuels my current studies and work. 

I am now a certified iRest meditation teacher, a certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator and studying Somatic Experiencing Advanced Level.

I currently facilitate Trauma Sensitive Yoga at the Mental Health Units of Lismore Base Hospital, at Riverlands Drug and Alcohol Centre and at several organisations that work with domestic violence, refugees and mental health.




Michael is a certified Yoga Australia yoga teacher and a certified yoga therapist.

I came to yoga as a builder with back pain. The agony of my builders back made me try a yoga class and to my surprise yoga really helped.

Lots has changed since then and l now teach yoga classes myself, after doing a Yoga Teachers Training in Nepal.

I use my personal knowledge about pain and back issues to help others, and to keep my yoga classes safe and fun.

I also work with people one-on-one in yoga therapy sessions. We together explore ways to use yoga to bring more balance and improve health and lifestyle issues.

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